Acavalars's Trend - Two Lane Highway


Now we're back from our holiday in Canada! What a journey we have made. We have been in Ben's dad's uncle's house (haha complicated huh!). Really nice of him to lend it to us. We lived there all by themselves without Electricity or running water. Keep in mind that I did it! I'm actually really proud of myself. We have at least been on hiking, fishing in the rapids, kayaking, eating good food (mostly fish of course) and just enjoyed each other! A week in the wilderness and I survived, and I liked it! Though next time we're going on vacation and I'll decide, and then there's probably no wilderness, or rather there will be no wilderness! Haha then we go on a luxury vacation for a week to maybe Mexico or Hawaii, and stay in a hotel with all including and lying in a pool and a trickle of good ch colorful umbrella drinks! It's vacation! :)